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Structural Reports Llanelli

Comprehensive & Detailed Structural Reports At Your Fingertips

We provide thorough and complete structural reports for commercial and domestic properties. Our engineers inspect the full structure of your home and provide reports for a variety of purposes. These include mortgage estimates and remedial works. We help identify, evaluate, and provide recommendations if your property is in need of renovations. Our reports give you the necessary insight you need into your home’s structure.

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What Is A Structural Engineering Report?

A structural engineering report is a thorough visual property inspection that is carried out by a qualified engineer. We can carry out inspections for homeowners to check for structural defects in their property. We are also available to carry out inspections for those who are buying a home and need a structural engineer to investigate whether it is a safe purchase.

A standard structural engineering report includes a description of a structure’s defects, along with their suspected causes. In addition, we also provide advice on how to solve any issues we find. When planning any structural changes to any property, it is essential that a survey be carried out before any building work commences.

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Bespoke Structural Inspections, Investigations & Subsidence Reports

Our engineers inspect a wide range of structural defects, providing subsidence reports as well as ground investigations. Poor ground conditions are one of the biggest risks to a property. As such, inspections should be conducted by independent and impartial consultants for unbiased and authoritative information.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your property. Generally, it is advised that you commission a report at least once every 10 years. However, if your property sees frequent and intense use, or is subject to heavy weather or environmental conditions, then you should check more frequently.

Always ask for a report before you begin any serious building work on a property, even if it has been less than 10 years. Knowing the fault lines in your property’s makeup can make up the difference between renovation and rubble.

The cost of the report depends on the size and complexity of the property, among other factors. We offer free, no-obligation quotes on all of our work, so it costs you nothing to find out.


When selling, a report tells you about any issues in your property that need to be addressed before selling. These issues can range from health and safety to appearance, all of which can impact the price you sell at.

When buying, it is even more important. A seller is under no legal obligation to commission a structural survey, but you should demand one. You need to know that the property you are about to buy isn’t going to crumble the moment you’re handed the keys. Moreover, a report can provide you with important information you need to negotiate the price you are buying at.

Yes. In the event that you are buying, selling, or otherwise looking for a neutral third-party appraisal for a property, we can help. You and the other involved parties may commission us as part of a joint venture to gain a structural report carried out professionally and impartially. This service offers peace of mind for all involved.

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